The Portfolio Management Team cultivates, authorizes, launches, and oversees high-quality autonomous schools (i.e., District-run, Innovation and, Charter) in the Denver Public School (DPS) system. Empowered by the Denver Plan, the Portfolio Management Team embraces school autonomy, high performance standards, clear accountability, parent/guardian choice, and broad stakeholder engagement.


The Portfolio Management Team envisions a nation where every public education system  effectively serves the diverse needs of all children and where every student graduates prepared for success in life.


The Portfolio Management Team will be a national model for transformational change in public education by:

  • Improving outcomes for all Denver students by recruiting and supporting a diverse portfolio of high-performing charter and innovation schools that are accountable for results;
  • Producing transformational changes district-wide by identifying, sharing and facilitating the implementation of innovative, best-in-class policies and practices in all schools and central office departments

Community Input: Serve on a Community Review Board!

DPS is inviting community members from the Greenlee and Amesse  Elementary neighborhoods to apply to serve on a Community Review Board. This Board is made up of community members from each neighborhood and will help the Board of Education decide which high-quality applicant should be chosen to restart each school.  Please contact Chris DeWitt ( or 720-423-3260) with questions.

Community Review Board self-nomination forms are due by March 10.