The Portfolio Management Team cultivates, authorizes, launches, and oversees high-quality autonomous schools (i.e., District-run, Innovation and, Charter) in the Denver Public School (DPS) system. Empowered by the Denver Plan, the Portfolio Management Team embraces school autonomy, high performance standards, clear accountability, parent/guardian choice, and broad stakeholder engagement.


The Portfolio Management Team envisions a nation where every public education system  effectively serves the diverse needs of all children and where every student graduates prepared for success in life.


The Portfolio Management Team will be a national model for transformational change in public education by:

  • Improving outcomes for all Denver students by recruiting and supporting a diverse portfolio of high-performing charter and innovation schools that are accountable for results;
  • Producing transformational changes district-wide by identifying, sharing and facilitating the implementation of innovative, best-in-class policies and practices in all schools and central office departments



New Quality Innovation Zones RFP Feedback

DPS has released a DRAFT Request for Proposals for schools looking to form new innovation zones in Denver Public Schools.  This is the first formal RFP for innovation zones issued by DPS and we want to ensure it is aligned with best practices and school/network needs so are seeking feedback from a range of stakeholders.

All feedback is due by 5pm on Monday November 20th; please share with anyone else you think would be interested in providing feedback.  DPS will review all feedback and make the ultimate determination on any edits to the document prior to its final release in mid-December. Direct feedback on the document using tracked edits and comments are welcomed and can be emailed by the deadline to Maya Lagana; if you would like to discuss your feedback let Maya know.  In addition, we ask that all reviewers complete a brief survey on the application to give us your overall impressions in a manner we can easily aggregate. Thank you in advance for your feedback; if you have any questions as you review please reach out to Maya Lagana.